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A bathroom of the 3rd millennium

A bathroom of the 3rd millennium

As increasing attention is given to the bathroom, new creations ...

As increasing attention is being paid to the bathroom, new creations, new products and new trends are regularly launched on the market. In recent times, we are witnessing the development of bathrooms more and more connected with the rest of the house. Screens and touch buttons are appearing. They make it possible to remotely control all or part of the toilets, such as the shower or the bath, but also to diffuse an adequate ambient music and to distil a lighting adapted according to its desires.

A bathroom in the digital age

For many, the ritual bath or shower is associated with a moment of relaxation. Many also associate music. Thus, according to the architects, the showers of the future will be more spacious, even planned for two people, with the possibility of diffusing fragrant scents, accompanied by music thanks to the integration of loudspeakers. The television or the integrated hi-fi installation in the wall, as well as the mood lighting, can be controlled with a touch screen in the shower enclosure.

The first products that contribute to creating such an atmosphere already arrive in showrooms. Ultra-modern, some faucets are now equipped with a digital control system. With only three buttons and a rotating ring, Grohe's "Allure F Digital" system is, for example, very easy and convenient to use. The ring is not completely smooth. It allows maximum comfort and adjustment of the water jet even with wet or soapy hands. Once the valve is open, the water jet can be amplified using the rotating ring. To increase or decrease the temperature, simply press "plus" or "moins". The LED light of the ring indicates the temperature of the water, for a greater ease of use. Thanks to the digital inverter, you can switch from the bath faucet to the shower faucet at the touch of a button.

Other control systems allow the user to open the faucet simply by touching the symbols, to switch easily from the bath to the shower, to precisely regulate the temperature of the flowing water (in slices 0.5 ° C) ... Other features make the use even more comfortable and simple . In this way, the bath program automatically closes off the evacuation, carefully controls the temperature through a screen and raises the temperature in one go up to 43 ° C, or - by pressing longer - up to 50 ° C.

What's better than music to relax? Thanks to a new "Soundwave" system, Kaldewei offers an audio installation for bathtub which allows to completely evacuate the stress. The Soundwave components and the Bluetooth® receiver are hidden in the bathtub, which acts as a sophisticated sound box and emits a pleasant sound of the highest quality. Adjustment is by means of a waterproof touch screen. The system can play audio files from a smartphone, computer, tablet or other device through a wireless connection.

A more spacious shower, for more serenity

Although studies indicate that most of us prefer bathing to the shower, in reality, 8 out of 10 people take a shower more often. This is indeed the fastest and most ecological way to wash daily. And the technical gadgets, such as the rain shower, the massage jet and the side jets make it all the more attractive. Modern rectangular cabins and walk-in showers add to the feeling of space and serenity, as they are soothing in both large and small bathrooms.

Want to save space or change the look of a bathroom? Or to make it a safer and more accessible room? Or to replace the bathtub with a spacious shower without much work? All this is possible thanks to Kinedo's "Kinemagic", a complete range of products that suits all bathroom needs and fixtures. "Kinemagic" is a large shower enclosure specially designed to replace a bathtub. Its installation is simple and can be done in one day. Its corner arrangement offers two possibilities: a fully open shower cubicle ("Open") or a cubicle with a transparent glass safety barrier ("Solo"). The matte glass wall avoids placing extra wall tiles by replacing the bathtub with a shower.

In-depth customization

Today, bathrooms are more than ever personalized with specific colors, unique bathtubs and original furniture. In response to the trend of long-standing modular furniture in living rooms, designers and manufacturers now offer their collections of modular bathroom furniture, specifically designed to meet the needs of sophisticated and determined users. The almost infinite possibilities of combination of elements (sinks to be placed on the floor or wall taps, high or medium cabinets, mirrors, bathroom cabinets, shelves of different sizes and trays) make it possible to compose unique creations, as with a construction box. The personal contribution is further enhanced by the choice between different depths of sinks or cabinets, the free installation of connection elements and the countless possibilities for future expansion.

Another way to personalize the bathroom is to install an original element that attracts attention , like, for example, a nice freestanding bathtub or very large basins. At present, designers are reinventing more and more elements of classic bathrooms, giving birth to amazing and practical creations, which are the new stars of the room. Even the radiators are no longer these elements tasteless and can come to beautify the bathroom.

In addition, bathtubs take unusual shapes. Some, trapezoidal, offer more space to enjoy your bath, even side by side. It has indeed become possible to choose between a bath for one or two people, possibly equipped with comfortable cervical cushions. In addition, it is possible to integrate these bathtubs without joints thanks to different possibilities of framing bath and a suitable walk that allows to enter and exit the bath more easily. Manufacturers, in addition to collaborating with design studios in the design of their products, address the turning of the modern bathtub via the angle of functionality and practical accessories. They match this vision inherited from Scandinavian design with sometimes unusual materials for bathtubs, such as stone or wood.

Finally, although the walk-in shower is widely acclaimed, shower manufacturers are already bouncing. They offer products that are inspired by Italian showers , with a preference for simplicity in faucets and shower enclosures. The dish and the purity are in the spotlight. One can also bring a natural touch with some rough patterns and irregularities reminiscent of the stone.

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