7 Apr 2020

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Contemporary and spacious: an exceptional house

Exceptional dwelling

Located in the "Valley of the Moselle", this beautiful architect house is characterized by its atypical configuration. A well thought out and welcoming concept that offers very generous and bright living spaces.

Realized in 2006-2007 by the architecture office WeB, the initial idea of the architect was to play on volumetrics. The rectangular shape of the plan is cut by a diagonal which continues in the verticality of the facades. The front facade of the house is more closed to open completely at the back towards the garden. On the garden side, a huge bay window on the entire height of the house and allows to penetrate all the surrounding light in the house. Natural lighting that is distributed ideally in all living rooms. In fact, the entire ground floor forms a large open space that is only separated by the stairs to the first floor. From the living room to the flowerbed, we draw the energy of the sun by resting its gaze on a beautifully landscaped greenery.

The maple wood coating gives a refreshing and natural touch to the home. The play of colors between scarlet red and this high quality wood offers a pleasant contrast that is emphasized by the apparent concrete finishes. Inside, the red walls mingle with the dark gray slate flooring. Pleasant and sober color schemes that extend throughout the house.

From a practical and ecological point of view, the house with a living area of more than 200m2 is equipped with a heat pump and underfloor heating. This facility offers pleasant temperatures throughout the home. Especially in the children's bedrooms. These are exposed north side at the front of the house, a strategic location that provides them with an ambient temperature throughout the year and prevents them from getting too hot in the summer. This type of installation allows a responsible use of the resources and is done more and more in the recent constructions. Reversible air conditioning also saves money and energy.
Next to the game of volumetrics, we notice that the interior and exterior of the house coincide: The scarlet red of the interior walls agrees with the reddish facade of the house.

Perfectly implanted in its environment, this astonishing architecture with minimalist forms has immediately seduced the family and continues to please. By asking if they had to rebuild, which they would like to change, the answer stays true to their first impression: "We would have redone the same thing to a few centimeters. " A real favorite !

Find this exceptional property in the Architectour guide. Published by the Ordre des Architectes et Engineers-Conseil and in partnership with Habiter.lu, this brochure retracing eight architectural itineraries in the Grand Duchy is available from OAI members, ministries and branches of the Tourist Office as well as in the municipalities of Luxembourg, and on the Internet.

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